What is Butterfly Vegan?

Butterfly Vegan aims to spread the awareness of a healthy, cruelty-free, and cleaner lifestyle. We wish to move others to protect the environment and the animals we share this amazing world with. Our goal is for our logo to be recognized globally as a symbol of peace and equality for all creatures. 
Because All Lives Matter.

All of our clothing is made from polyester and/or cotton. No animal products used. 

Spread the Awareness!

What is Veganism/what does it mean?

Being vegan and choosing a vegan diet and lifestyle means choosing to acknowledge that all animals on this earth are equal. That the cruelty in the dairy, beef, pork, egg, and chicken industries is wrong. That slaughtering animals, those we share this beautiful world with, is a vile act and should not be a part of our natures.

Sadly, we are rarely ever born into the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, as products such as milk, eggs, cheese, bacon, chicken wings, steak and more are so ingrained into society. People are unable to connect them with the animals they come from, or simply choose not to. They choose to look the other way when we try to expose the cruelty and torture in these industries, as it's all they've ever known.

But we can make a choice to not support these industries, to help reduce the supply and demand in our own way and try to raise awareness of the cruelty in these industries. To help remind people that all lives matter, no matter the species. That the farming of another creature is wrong and inhumane. 

We can make a difference.

We can say no to cruelty.