Why a Butterfly?

Josie Cluney

If you've checked out our products and seen our posts around, you'll notice our logo has a stunning butterfly on it.
If you haven't, here it is.
Butterfly Vegan Logo
So why a butterfly? You might be curious as to why we didn't choose something more majestic or the main creatures of our focus like cows, pigs, chickens and more. Or even a flower or plant would have worked.
To us, the butterfly symbolizes a few things we found relevant to our cause. A butterfly is a thing of beauty, despite how fleeting its life can be. It comes from rough beginnings, a simple caterpillar, usually not the prettiest sight to see. And yet it flourishes and becomes a magnificent thing of beauty.
Just like the veganism movement. Years ago we were shunned and laughed at, but now people are understanding and seeing the truth to our ways. More people are aware of what's going on around them thanks to the media and more, and veganism is a growing trend worldwide.
This planet we call home is magnificent and should be treated with respect and have equality for all the earth's creatures.
For too long most of the world has looked the other way or swept the cruelty and pollution under the rug.
But now it's becoming hard to ignore and look away from with the huge supply and demand ever growing.
I still remembered as a young teen hearing about the way greyhounds were injected for their racing. I couldn't believe how such placid, sweet creatures could be turned into snarling, aggressive messes all for the sake of money.
And I still remember the day when Australia, the country I call home, put out a legislation looking to ban it. They're still working on it but have successfully banned it in a few states.
With enough voices and exposing the truth, our words can be heard.
That's what I learned that day.
A butterfly symbolizes us for its fleeting beauty, a speck of magical wonder in this chaotic world. For despite everything going on around us, we can always stop and acknowledge the simple beauty all around. And when you see a mass of butterflies filling fields and spreading their colors, you can't help but stop and stare.
Because when a thing of nature and beauty comes together in such a group, it's quite a sight.
Just like with the veganism movement.
We can make the world stop and stare.
We can change it.


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