Creamy Corn Chowder

Great for minimalists.

Simply made soup and yet bringing comfort with only few main ingredients – potatoes, corn and spring onions. It could be made oil free. This yields about 5 regular servings.


? Ingredients:

▪︎ 5 small to medium potatoes, peeled and diced.

▪︎ 1/2 cup corn kernels

▪︎ 2 spring onions, chopped

▪︎ start with 4 cups of water, then adjust later to preferred thickness

▪︎  few tbsps of onion powder

▪︎ few tsps of garlic powder

▪︎ 1 tsp coconut sugar

▪︎ few dashes of black pepper, optional

▪︎ natural mushroom seasoning to taste, optional

▪︎ salt to taste, opt for himalayan


? Instructions:

▪︎ Pour water into a pot and add potatoes & the rest of the ingredients except the corn kernels & spring onions  Bring to a boil then lower heat. Simmer covered until potatoes are fork soft.

▪︎ While simmering, you may consider adding some more water if desired, in preparation of blending the potatoes.

▪︎ When potatoes are soft enough, turn the heat off and using a handheld blender, you can blend the potatoes while in the pot. Or, transfer it to a blender where you can blend til smooth. Just be careful not to burn your skin.

▪︎ After blending the potatoes til creamy, add in the corn kernels and stir.

▪︎  Simmer covered for few minutes. You may add more seasonings to taste.

▪︎ After turning the heat off, add in the spring onions and stir. Great served while warm. ENJOY !