Dimsum Style Galian

CHI BA ! I love Chinese dishes. Things I don’t like though about common dishes found in their restaurants are the use of MSG & use of oil excessively. Since I cannot find a good Chinese restaurant around, I thought of making my own dish using Chinese broccoli or “gai lan”. This is easy to cook and yummy, too !



? Ingredients :

For the sauce:

▪︎ 1 to 2 thumb-sized ginger, peeled & minced
▪︎ 6 cloves of garlic, minced
▪︎ 3/4 water
▪︎ 1/2 cup low salt, tamari sauce or soy sauce
▪︎ 1 tsp sesame oil
▪︎ 1 tbsp coconut sugar
▪︎ 1-2 tsp neutral cooking oil
▪︎ 1 tsp of cornstarch mixed in few tbsp of water (not hot)
▪︎ a bunch of gai lan or Chinese brocolli, stalks peeled

For the ga lian:

▪︎ a medium pot of water to use for blanching gai lan
▪︎ pinch of salt


? Instructions:

▪︎ Boil a pot of water with a pinch of salt. This is where you will blanch your gai lan later.

▪︎ While waiting for the other pot to boil, heat up a small sauce pan using medium heat. Once warm, pour cooking oil.

▪︎ Saute garlic on low medium heat for about 2 minutes then follow with ginger and saute for another 2 minutes until slightly brown & crisp.

▪︎ Add in the water and soy sauce or tamari sauce and bring up the heat til it starts simmering.

▪︎ Lower down the heat, add sugar & simmer covered for about 5 mins then add the cornstarch mixture while stirring til it starts getting thick. Then turn the heat off and stir in the sesame oil.

▪︎ Once the other pot of water boiled, turn the heat off, then immediately, soak the ga lian for about 30 secs or til quite soft but still crisp.

▪︎Strain ga lian & run quickly in cool water to stop cooking time & keep its crs. Drain & place neatly on a plate for serving.

▪︎ Pour sauce over the gai lan . Best served when freshly cooked. Great with warm rice !