Ginataang Santol (Cotton Fruit in Coconut Milk)

“Ginataang Santol” is one of those dishes I really love ! Who would think this fruit if cooked with coconut milk could win the taste buds of so many Filipinos especially in the provinces & will always be a classic favorite. Spicy or not, still delish !



4 pieces santol peeled & seeds removed

3 cups coconut cream

2 pieces long green pepper sliced crosswise

2 pieces Thai chili (optional)

1 medium red onion minced

6 cloves garlic crushed

Himalayan salt to taste

optional seasoning of your choice


Finely mince the santol using a food processor or you can also grate it, if you don’t have food processor.

Squeeze the juice out of santol using your hands or cheese cloth. Set aside.

Saute garlic and onion using either minimal oil or water (if you don’t want to use oil).

Once the onion starts to get translucent, add the minced santol. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

Pour coconut milk into the pan. Let boil. Stir and cover the pan. Continue to cook in medium heat until the liquid reduces to half.

Add the chilis. Stir occasionally & simmer until the liquid completely evaporates.

Great with steamed rice. Enjoy !