Mediterranean Style Tofu

This easily cooked dish can become one of your regular favorites too and can be cooked different ways, with oil or without oil (just replace oil with water). I like it better with a little olive oil for that olive flavor. This is good for about 4 people.


? Ingredients :

▪︎ 1 – 500 gms block of tofu, sliced in small rectangles

▪︎ 3 fresh tomatoes, diced or equivalent canned diced tomatoes

▪︎ 3 shallots or 1/2 medium onion, diced

▪︎ 4 garlic cloves, crushed & minced

▪︎ 1 jalapeño, sliced thinly

▪︎ 1 tbsp of EVO oil, may replace with water for oil-free cooking

▪︎ 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

▪︎ salt to taste (i always use whole salt like himalayan salt )

▪︎ 1/2 tbsp tamari sauce or light soy sauce

? Instructions:

▪︎ Choose how you would want to cook your tofu. Mine was pre-baked for 20 mins at 425 deg with a minimal salt and no oil. You can air-fry or surface fry. Set aside.

▪︎ Heat up EVO oil in a pan on low medium heat for few mins (don’t burn) then add in & saute in order, with a minute or two gap in between : garlic, shallots or onion, jalapeño & tomatoes til latter is soft.

▪︎ Add in your pre-cooked tofu, salt, lemon juice & tamari or light soy sauce & stir. Cover & simmer for about 5 mins til tofu has absorbed the flavors.

▪︎ Best served with steamed rice. Enjoy!