The Pups!

Cleo the Dalmation
Meet Cleo.
Cleo is a laid back pup, she enjoys arts and crafts and her favorite show is Daredevil. She won't hide her obsession with self-made 
heroes, and happily showcases this passion. She dreams of being a hero one day, and has considered becoming a firefighting pup.
Ernie th Pug
Meet Ernie.
Ernie is a mischievous pug pup, always looking for ways to get the team into mischief and mayhem. He adores Supernatural and can be seen wearing his trench coat around in awe of his favorite Angel. He hopes to one day ride in a beautiful Chevrolet Impala with his tongue flapping in the wind. 
Rusty the Golden Retriever
Meet Rusty.
Rusty is a playful Golden retriever pup with a bright personality. He enjoys his runs on the beach and cooking, and is the main pup who helps keep the others together. He loves his family and will do anything to make sure they're all safe and happy. 
        Izzy the Husky
Meet Izzy.
 Izzy is a brave and daring Husky pup with an adventurous nature. She enjoys her epic quests that Oliver helps her come up with, and is always in search of a brand new, awesome adventure!
Oliver the Border Collie
Meet Oliver.
Oliver is a cheerful border collie pup who loves his reading. He is the brains of the bunch, but that doesn't mean he keeps the others out of trouble! He adores dragging his playmates into his endless role-playing, from Harry Potter to Supernatural, he loves it all!

Together they form the team at Cerio Designs!

Cerio Designs Pups