Vegan Filipino “Gising-gising”

Filipinos have been known as resilient people and still able to cook flavorful dishes out of very simple ingredients like this one. This dish only has few main ingredients including the “kangkong” stems. “Kangkong”, also known as “water spinach” in English or “ongchoy” in Chinese, this green leafy vegetable has flavor of its own.

This is one easy-to-cook but delicious peasant dish ! Usually cooked with smoked fish, this one is veganized while retaining its classic flavor !


? Ingredients:

▪︎ bunch of kangkong stems, with some leaves, chopped up (I used left over stems)

▪︎ coconut cream or full fat coconut milk (adjust amount enough to cover at least 50 to 60% of the kangkong stems)

▪︎ several cloves of garlic or few tsps of garlic powder

▪︎ few tbsp of nori flakes (for fish flavor)

▪︎ few dashes of liquid smoke like Colgin brand

▪︎ 2 handfuls of diced firm tofu cubes, optional

▪︎ few chilis of your choice

▪︎ 1 tsp coconut sugar

▪︎ Himalayan salt to taste

▪︎ few dashes of nutritional yeast

▪︎ optional umami seasoning (I used Trader Joe’s brand)


? Instructions:

▪︎ Simply put everything in a pot together and simmer for about 5 mins or until cooked and flavors all combined !

▪︎ Great with steamed rice !